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Born and reared in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I first expressed my creativity to a family outsider at the age of four, when I meowed at a librarian. As a child, I fashioned fables from thin air, fabric, and fur – the stuff of my mother’s memories.


Through the years, I've explored many different creative mediums: piano and violin in the 1960s; stained glass, journalism, and photography in the 1970s and ’80s; creative writing, painting, and mixed-media art since the mid-1990s.


I came late to drawing and painting because I believed that using an eraser constituted cheating—it was impossible to create anything that was perfect, so it was safer to do nothing at all. That view changed when my ex-husband and I began making art in the mid-1990s. The two of us created art together until we parted in late 2001.


Then I put my paints away. From September 2003 until May 2008, the paints hardened and gathered dust, as I focused my attention on the study of law. I actually began law school on a whim and a few semesters in, it was too late to turn back.


I often draw upon my Greek heritage for making sense of the world and my acting roles. I'll give you the example of the Nine Muses.


The Nine Muses played, sang, danced, and inspired others to do the same. Each Muse oversaw a particular field of human creation.


Of the Nine Muses, I identify most strongly with the versatility of Polymnia, who, depending upon the source, was the muse of sacred song, oratory, lyric, rhetoric, eloquence, and pantomime.


The ancient Greeks believed that the artist did not himself ‘create’ the work of art, but served as a mortal channel through which the muse’s divine voice could speak.


So, an epic poet would offer a prayer to the appropriate muse to guide and assist him in his creative endeavor.


In addition to acting, making art, and freelance writing, I write grants for nonprofits such as Crash's Landing, a no-kill cat shelter in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Be sure to visit catboycafe.com to see examples of my art, illustration, and writing.







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